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By: Regena Burleson
Bloggers in the world debate what is the best best method of monetizing a blog. Is it through ads or affiliate programs or selling products online like e-books and other downloadable products like software. The one ad exception I use is to have one sidebar ad at a time, for something you've hand-picked of your own or someone else's. Like, say, your how to grow your blog to six figures" banner here. I find that works fine. But who even stays on blogs where there's a big nasty top banner, and AdChoices lines interrupting the post, and scads of ads on sidebars to either side? It's all such a turnoff.

You need to establish and maintain trust, without it you won't get anywhere. In addition you need to diversify your audience acquisition, the best channel by far is your own mailing list so make it high priority. Relying on a few key traffic channels is too risky. Use Google's Tag Manager in conjunction with Google's Universal Analytics to track every form of success you can and identify ways to continuously optimize your results. The more good data you have to act upon the better.

Choosing Colors for your ads is also a matter of taste. It is recommended that you go with the Google recommended color scheme for each ad if the background of your web page is white. You can choose from a list of predefined customizations, or if you are creative, and a little tech savvy, you can make your own. A lot of internet marketing specialists recommend blending the ad colors with your web page or making it stand out highly with a specific call to action. In my experience, I have had a lot better success in blending the ad colors with color schemes that are already on the web page.

It is acceptable to make micro niche website monetization models but only if you can offer content that it is not possible to find elsewhere. If you are writing a post about how to make money" it will never ever rank on Google because there are millions of articles about this topic written before. However, you can get much more creative and write your article titled how to make money from birch syrup". Most likely no one has ever covered this topic and being first is a huge advantage. Another option is to offer better content than anyone else. We can use the same how to make money" article as an example. if you write another post 500 words long it will never get noticed by Google. But you can be more creative and make a huge study out of it and write a 10,000+ long article with graphics, images, spreadsheets and much more. That way you dramatically increase your chance for getting noticed by Google. Writing articles like these will take you several weeks or even months but it's doable.

Once you have a podcast, making money through donations will only be possible once you have a loyal and passionate fan following. Once you get donations, do not forget to thank the audience for the support that they have rendered. This will make them feel that they are a part of the show. For a more successful campaign, make your supports feel that they are exclusive. You may do some funny activity for them or specially thank them in your episodes.
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