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By: Ulrich Igo
Have you found your elliptical machine is gathering dust, smudges, and other icky foreign substances? It may be time to look into a cleaning solution!

Waiting until you encounter a problem with your equipment will only make finding the solution more complicated. Your elliptical has more parts than you may realize!

Some of the parts included in your machine are consoles, power cords, resistance breaks, ramp wheels, eddy motors, incline motors, batteries, incline ramps, pulleys, drive belts, transformers, wire harnesses, and more. Keeping these parts clean on a regular basis will extend the life of your machine.

Cleaning your machine regularly will help decrease the frequency or squeaks, knocks, and sticky parts. Before calling a technician to examine your equipment, try some simple cleaning.

With so many different parts, you may be nervous to break or move something. With a little bit of research, you can find the best, safest way to clean your elliptical machine without causing any damage.

First, start by reading your manufacturer's manual. It will provide the accurate way to remove the casing of your machine. If you are experiencing a sticking or squeaking inside your machine, you will need to get to the inside of your motor.

The rails, motor, and wheels will then be exposed, and easier to access. Be sure to read your manual carefully to avoid damaging your machinery.

You can use WD40 to grease or oil your parts, but do not overuse. If you over-grease your machinery, this can cause a different set of problems.

It is recommended that you clean and oil your flywheel at least every week, especially if you use your elliptical machine frequently. Remember, the more thoroughly you care for your machine, the longer the durability will be.

Try tightening each of your nuts and bolts, as they can become loose during use. Apply lubrication to all the joints, and the function will inevitably improve.

Once you have cared for the inside parts, you can reassemble the casing and work on the outside of your machine. Be sure to put the parts back exactly where they were, and secure them safely.

If your equipment is collecting dust, you can use a warm, wet cloth to wipe down each part. If this isn't quite enough, you can use a mild all-purpose cleanser, such as Windex.

Be sure to pay special attention to the tracks under your foot pedals. If dusts collects, even if it is not visible, it can cause an irritating grinding sound.

You can use a wet cloth to clean the tracks, and then use a minimal amount of grease or oil to lubricate them. The more smooth the track, the more comfortable your workout will be.

Never spray liquid directly onto your elliptical machine. Spray cleanser onto a soft cloth first, to avoid running into any motor problems.

In order to prevent dust from clinging to your machine, it is recommended that you put a rubber mat or cushion underneath your equipment. This will also protect your carpet from grease stains, imprints, or smudge marks.

Mats generally cost around fifty dollars, and are essential to protecting your drive mechanism. This simple, inexpensive investment will save you potentially hundreds of dollars in repairs down the line.

You can use a vacuum to clean the mat, and the carpet surrounding it. If dust or scum is collecting inside your machine as well, you can try using a vacuum attachment to take care of this issue.

There are actually professional cleaning kits available for purchase online, and in exercise equipment stores. These kits can include professional lubricants, socket protectors, cleanser, instructions, and more.

If you have cleaned each of the parts regularly and you are still hearing a sound, you may want to consult a professional. Also, if your elliptical feels stiff, uneven, or unstable, make sure that you seek help immediately.

Taking care of these problems right away will prevent further damage from occurring inside the motor, which can be very expensive to repair. There is nothing worse for your product then letting it dust, rust, and decline in care.

It is much better to invest in a simple, cleaning kit or program now, then to pay for a repair or a new machine later. Take care of your product, and it will take care of you!

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